Andaman Islands Expeditions
  Lying around 400 miles North  West from Phuket the Islands of Andaman are seldom visited by yachts.

Of great anthropological interest many of the islands have indigenous tribes living undisturbed for centuries. These islands are of course strictly of limits but all of the remaining islands are now opening up for visitors.


Some of the tribal sites, now deserted, can be visited and caves used by these ancient tribes are open for study. The museum is especially well thought out and worthy of some time.

The best way to visit this area by yacht is to fly into Port Blair and board the yacht there for an expedition around the many unpopulated islands. As flights are irregular a specific itinerary should be requested and visa regulations as well as proposed activities need due care and careful organisation.

There are so many islands and places to visit but some of the best cruising can be found close to Port Blair at Havelock Island and further up the east coast to Stewart Sound where several small offshore islands have tropical forest appeal.

Further south of the main group is Little Andaman and the passage to and from here has great snorkelling and island exploration at the Brothers and the Sisters Islands as well as the Cinque Islands.

Between these areas is Rutland Island with very unique snorkelling amongst massive schools of tropical fish and even caves ashore to explore. Many passages run between the west coast islands surrounded by reefs and being unpopulated will give exploration a distinctive feel.

Fly - cruise - fly itineraries are available December through April.