Cruising Grounds
  Phuket Island and the famous Phang Nga bay with its limestone monoliths is variously described as the yachtsman playground and sailing here in the North East Trades amply meets this description Further to the north of Phuket are the Similan Islands group plus Surin Islands with exquisite diving and great scenery.

The Andaman Islands lie 385 miles north west of Phuket and represent the ultimate in exploration cruising. See the section Andaman Expeditions.

The beauty of a holiday aboard High Aspect is that you can do as little or as much as you want. From island hopping to scuba diving to big game fishing; maybe start with a quite hotel followed by lazing in tropical splendour surrounded by indigenous bird and wildlife, you choose the holiday of your dreams - a balance of fun, excitement, discovery and ultimate relaxation.

Evenings watching the sunset, as from a secluded bay with a sundowner are a particular highlight of cruising.

Example Itineraries

There are so many islands and bays to visit on a grand tour of Phang Nga Bay and time will dictate those chosen amidst interests in the geographical structures and marine activities. Rather than a day by day itinerary the following selected sites are proposed for you to build your own personal cruise but even so, once onboard, it is inevitable that a new daily plan will emerge.



The Red Route

A leisurely trip of 14 days would cover all, and more, of the route whilst 10 days may be busier. For 7 days a shorter route would be better, perhaps Mai Thon or Khai Nok after Phi Phi Don?

Many of the adjacent islands and beauty spots may be visited by tendor, for ease of access, and to maximise the time available.

Koh Phanak  The first overnight stop is at a jungle encrusted, cliff edged island, rising to nearly 1300 feet. The caves and land enclosed lagoons (hongs) are worthy of exploration.

Koh Yang  Towering karst limestone famously shown in many media, calm anchorage and great base to visit OO7 Island by dinghy after running past the cliffs of Koh Daeng Yai.

Koh Kudu Yai and Koh Kudu Noi  Passing by Koh Roi with its large hong, to anchor off the Kudu Group again with fine hongs and scenery. Just mile to the south is Koh Yao Noi with great opportunities to explore by dinghy.

Hong Archipelago  With its principal, Koh Hong, has some 20 Kohs to explore, again best by dinghy, Koh Hong itself has the most impressive lagoon around whilst Koh Pak Bias curved sandy beach and fine snorkelling are just to the north and Koh Ka is worthy of a pass by on the return leg.

Ao Nang and Ao Rai Le  Two spectacular beaches with dramatic scenic backdrops, snorkelling just round the corner amongst several small islets.

Koh Dam Khwan  With a fine anchorage off the central reef between Dam Khwan and Dam Hok and with Koh Yawasam just a short ride to the west all having snorkelling and diving spots. Beautiful island group.

Koh Phi Phi Don  Several anchorages at this 4 mile long world acclaimed island provide beauty, fine exploring and snorkelling whilst diving is ever popular. A quick day trip down to Phi Phi Le to visit Maya Bay (The Beach) is possible for those needing to go.

The Racha Group  Koh Racha Noi, rugged, this island is for keen divers and fishermen and Koh Racha Yai, the best choice for anchoring and stunning beaches together with the fishing and diving.

Ao Chalong  Surrounded by several popular islands this bay (tide dependent) saves much time as a disembarkation point.