Ocean activities
  To take full advantage of the idyllic Indian Ocean, High Aspect offers extensive on-board water sports facilities from the most energetic to the most leisurely.

Diving: Complete sets of diving gear, including tanks, DVs, STAB jackets and  weights are available. An onboard compressor supplies the refills. The demand valves are Scuba Pro with instruments for contents and depth. Both Octopus rigs and Spare Air alternate breathing sources are available. Most dives are from the 4.7 metre RIB which accommodates up to 5 divers and coxswain and is in radio contact with the mothership 


Game Fishing: Deep sea fishing gear is always available for marlin, yellow fin tuna and king-fish. Thrill at the sight of a sailfish in flight, big game fishing at its best, this catch and release sailfish was hooked on a fly with a 10 weight rod directly from the tender.


Fly Fishing: Any chance to have a go at fly fishing is taken. A sport where many species can be caught and one team had 27 different species on fly in a week.

The giant and blue fin trevally are common around reef drops and rocky outcrops and make for a fine fight. The larger ones, of 50lb and up, needing a soft cast & fast strip.


Snorkelling: Complete sets of equipment are provided for each guest. Often close encounters with turtles is a fascinating, more charming experience. This Hawksbill seems to want to play.

Water-skiing: The yacht's 4.7m tender is equipped with a 70hp motor for both mono and dual ski-ing plus instruction is available if required. Even try the boogie board - its a better spectator sport for those watching from on board.


Bird Watching: Many islands of the Indian Ocean have bird sanctuaries for rare species. Depending upon which island group is being visited the range of birds is enormous. From sea eagles to flamingos, dimorphic egret to flightless rail The tern family breeds on most islands throughout the tropics season and remote islands often have large colonies pairing and mating. A booby unafraid of the cameraman.

Cruising in Paradise

When you charter High Aspect, you decide where we sail.

To give you an idea of charter formats, different types of holidays are available, although all will be tailored to suit your individual wishes. 

Multi-centre: typically a two week holiday with one week aboard High Aspect and one week in your chosen hotel at one of many charming destinations.

Expedition: a pursuit style holiday including such activities as fly fishing, big game fishing for marlin and sailfish, island hopping to remote islands, especially to the remote Andaman's Islands.

Specialist dive: journey to unexplored dive sites and discover new underwater delights. Night dives, chimneys, drop reefs and coral gardens provide the world's most exclusive diving for as long as you wish.

Nature: As always seeking out pristine and undisturbed fauna and flora is a prime goal and many of the of the beaten track islands have such sights. It forms a large part of exploration cruising.